Na'Ili'Ili-Haele Stream
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Na'Ili'Ili-Haele Stream, HI
2011-08-0714 by
Maui, HI
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I discovered this hike on when planning a trip to Maui two years ago. Although I don't do much geocaching anymore I do look at it when a trip is coming up to give me some possible hiking destinations. It took me two years to actually get Maui as an opportunity to visit Telluride, CO instead came up in between. A Telluride timeshare is a much more coveted destination to me than Maui as I had been trying to get into one at Telluride for years with no success.

Anyway, for two years my wife had been telling me that I couldn't handle the hike because of the humidity. I do fine when it's hot and dry, but I do have a tendency to melt in high humidity. Nevertheless, I was determined. We left the kids at the hotel. Neither wanted to go and they're old enough to be on their own. We made it from Kaanapali to the trailhead in about 1.5 hours. We managed to weave our way through the bamboo forest without getting lost. It seemed straight forward to me, but I've read that lots of people get lost. Before we knew it we were at the top of Falls #3.

After that the hike seemed to slow down. My wife didn't like all of the rock hopping or mud. Our legs were brown with the mud. At one point she said, "I'm done. Let's go back." Fortunately, I had marked the waypoint of the geocache on my GPS and looked at my GPS and it said that we were .15 miles away. She agreed to push on... until the swim.

She looked at that murky green water and said, "No way!" She also said, "You can go if you want, but I'm staying here." Translation, "It's time to turn around and go back." Fortunately, I'm a guy and it takes me weeks to decipher those cryptic female messages, so in the water I went. I wore my Keene's in the water and it was a big mistake. The swim wore me out. However, the point to wearing the Keene's was that I didn't want to climb the rocks at the end of the swim in bare feet.

Waterfall #4 was worth the effort. It was gorgeous. Even my wife was jealous that she didn't get to see it in person. The swim back was a lot easier as I did a better job of pacing myself. The hike back was quick and easy.

The photoset that I posted is mostly clips from video footage that I shot with my 1080P GoPro camera. I didn't want to ruin any of my other cameras. The quality isn't great, but good enough.

If you want to see the video footage of the hike, I posted it on YouTube at
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