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AZ-UT Banzai Roadtrip, AZ
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AZ-UT Banzai Roadtrip, AZ 
AZ-UT Banzai Roadtrip, AZ
Hiking Oct 03 2011
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decided that since my twin boys were off on Fall break, I would undertake a road-trip with them to see a few Northern AZ - Southern UT sites.

First target was Coyote Buttes / Wave walk-up permit. We drove from Phoenix to just past Page and overnight car-camped at Cottonwood Canyon Rd.

Shot a timelapse of the stars ... hotostream

In the morning we went to the Paria Ranger office and signed up for the permit drawing. There were 80 people total in 35 groups vying for the 10 permits. Several had been there for days trying to get one.It was an international affair, mostly Europeans "on Holiday" but also some Asians. We weren't drawn. There are a few Youtube vids on how the drawings work, search "The Wave Permit".

I decided a quick hike would assuage my sadness, so we drove a mile east and visited the Toadstools, neat area, lots of cool formations, flowers. We even climbed the butte and got shots of the rocks on top.

We had lunch in Kanab and I flipped a coin to decide if we should go to North Rim or Zion... North Rim won, so off we drove. Got to the North Rim and detoured to Cape Royal, got some great shots of the thunderstorms coming into the Canyon. Fall colors are setting in up there. Decided to go to the main lodge area, checked the campground (no room at the inn), Caught sunset from the lodge and some distant lightning from Bright Angel Point.

We drove out of the park to a FS road and over-nighted... was deciding on whether to go back to Paria and re-try the Wave permit or head to Page and go to Antelope. Decided on Antelope.. thunderstorms skirted us all night long. next day drove to Vermilion / Marble Canyon bridge and noted that there was lots of clouds over Page, so no light in the slots... headed home.
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