Mound Mountain Peak, AZ
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Phoenix, AZ
Hiking19.00 Miles   13 Hrs   35 Mns    1.64 mph
5,100 ft AEG   2 Hrs    Break14 LBS Pack 
1st Trip Logged
HAZ - Group
There have been so many ridiculous hikes over the years I'm starting to lose count. The hike started off as "Reavis Falls Overlook via Mound Mtn". We started off with John's stomach disapproving of my driving skills... I felt bad for him yet knew it would pass after a while too. A tenth of a mile off trail Dave looked like he was done. It was pretty apparent the overlook segment was going to get bumped. However we did forge onward!

Long story short... under two miles of off-trail pretty much ruled the majority of our day. It wasn't cats claw or live oak it was just the thickest obstacle course imaginable. We took turns fighting the beast. Even took a break in the middle of nowhere surrounded by waves of towering brush whispering "you idiots never learn". John declared us sure winners in the game of hide and go seek. Unfortunately we were all "it" and up to our necks in "it" too.

Sausage shin syndrome, bla bla bla, etc etc. Whoop t friggen dew, been there done that, yadda yadda yadda. That would have been just a nice great horrible bushwhack. Let's throw in "everybody runs out of water". Holy schmolly! Me being the bright planner suggested 3 quarts to start. Luckily nobody listned... Dave brought 6 and shared a quart with John. John brought a gallon and I brought 4.5 quarts mostly frozen. For the three hottest hours of the day I sipped my last 2/3rds of a quart. While we finally conquered Mound Mtn it was difficult to think of anything but water. Luckily unbeknownst to myself one of the best trails in the eastern Superstitions is a TRAIL to Circlestone (most of the way to Mound Mountain). Holy cow! how is it that a maintained trail like 212 near a trailhead is washed out and overgrown to near extinction in sections. Yet out in the middle of nowhere is a foot wide trail with switchbacks and such?

Reavis Creek finally came. We danced, frolicked in glee, held hands and sang Kumbaya. An easy 6.5mi back to the trailhead ended a half hour after sundown. Albeit trying at times I had a great time. I appreciate John and Dave for their friendship in this unforgettable journey we shared.

There were two fields of yellow wildflowers that would qualify for extreme. Several isolated accounts and light in many areas so I'll go with "moderate" overall.

Foliage was mainly accredited to impressive poison ivy stands, some Virginia Creeper and one nice wall of turning Canyon Grape leaves.

The positive report: two items made my day better than previous extended journeys. I finally brought some eye drops to fight off the spooky blood shot tiredness. After two recent bouts with fox tails I finally bought some trail runner gaiters. Full length gaiters are just hot and miserable so I hesitated for years. These turned out to be perfect. The only part of my body not pummeled to oblivion was my feet. Not a single pebble nor prickly anything the entire day. They never felt hot or irritating, just comfy and reassuring the entire trip!
Named placePinto Peak
Autumn Foliage Observation Light
Wildflowers Observation Moderate

Rogers Spring Gallon + per minute
Running very well. Not sure if it's the actual spring or from the HEAT dig years ago?

Whiskey Spring Dripping
Father Dave observed this one as stagnant. In a pinch perhaps but trusty Reavis Creek is only a half mile down the hill.
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