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Battleship Mountain - Superstitions, AZ
2011-10-0712 by
Phoenix, AZ
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After watching the weather reports for a week or so leading up to this, I knew Friday was the day. Rain was in the forecast for Thursday and my favorite day for hiking is the day after it rains. Friday didn't disappoint. Unseasonably cool (70's) with great sun and clouds.

As I was coming across Garden Valley I ran into D1ck (profanity filter) Walt heading my way. He was an old-timer with a ton of old Superstition tales. He was headed down to Aylor's Camp and looping through La-barge box and over the saddle of battleship before heading back to the TH. I was heading to Battleship with no plans of heading into the box, but I changed my plans after talking to D1ck.

He spoke of his time living with Chuck and when he subsequently threw him out of his house and told him of this abandoned camp down in boulder canyon. He talked about the time he and Chuck had harnessed up a couple of mules and carried down a gas powered refrigerator but had to carry it by hand down 2nd Water because the tail wasn't wide enough. He talked about exploring up a slot canyon and finding old cavalry jacket buttons, arrowheads, and even a nugget of gold. He said his wife told him to stop telling that story because he had no proof. He thinks Chuck lost the nugget.

He talked about the 3 morons who were found dead in the canyon this year (Around Yellow peak). He called it Utah or Dead Man's canyon.

He pointed out petroglyphs I've never seen before, locations of old mines, and was just a treasure trove of information.

We departed at Boulder Canyon and met up just below the stern of Battleship. I was heading down, he was on his way up and over. We chatted some more and bid farewell. I headed down into Labarge for exploring and in search of Aylor's camp.

There were plenty of pools of water still there and the area was quite cool. I hiked back through La-Barge canyon and up and over the bow of the battleship. I explored around the old Indian Paint Mine and met back up with the 2nd Water junction and headed up.

At the junction of Black Top Mesa, D1ck was sitting down chilling at the trail marker. I said goodbye and headed back to the car.

I had a very good day and my 6th Battleship summit did not disappoint one bit.

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