Turkey Creek Trail #92
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Turkey Creek Trail #92, AZ
2011-11-106 by
Sedona, AZ
Hiking7.00 Miles   3 Hrs   28 Mns    2.02 mph
1,182 ft AEG   
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Had planned on doing the Secret Canyon/David Miller/Bear Sign loop today, but folks at The Hike House in Sedona talked me out of it. The area had rain and light snow in the last few days so it may have been iffy even with my 4X4 so we will to another time. This hike was a real nice surprise with it's awesome views at the top of House Mountain. Only saw one couple and one lone mt. biker the 3.5 hours we were in the area. Nice and easy most of the way but as I kept checking the AEG on my GPS I knew we had to hit a real steep climb as some point. Stop along the steep area to check out the views back into the valley. As you crest, the trail goes down into a bowl. We had learned to stop at the crest and go left (East) to see even nicer views. We did this had found a nice place to stop for lunch only about 100 feet after we left the main trail.
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