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Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking Nov 13 2011
Hiking10.50 Miles 2,750 AEG
Hiking10.50 Miles   5 Hrs      2.10 mph
2,750 ft AEG
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1st trip
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Wow, what an amazing place!!!!! Unfortunately the weather wasn't cooperating with us, but it was still TOTALLY worth going down for. Being from the east coast, I do miss the foliage in the fall, and going to Bassett gave me a little reminder of the beauty of fall. :FG:

Thankfully going through the 'foliage corridor' was relatively dry, so we were able to get lots of pictures. It wasn't until we started the climb that the weather started taking a turn for the worst. I was worried about my baby boy getting super soaked and cold (he doesn't like the cold and shivers :( ), but he was a total trooper and muddled through. Once we hit the flat part, he took off running to get back to the car ASAP!!!! I rolled my ankle so hard at one point on the flat part (go figure :roll: ), I was having a hard time keeping up with him. Thank God for ankles of steel!!!! We were completely DRENCHED by the time we got back to the car. :o I was SO glad to get dried off and into some warm, dry clothes!

We only saw ONE person the entire day on trail, and this guy was caching water for his stupid hunting trip the following week. He was carrying 14 liters of water!!! I picked up his pack, and HOLY COW!!!!! :wlift:

The road getting to the TH was a bit gnarly in a few spots, and I was even nervous in my Jeep maneuvering it, but we made it! :)

What a GREAT day overall, despite the weather. I would go back there anyday!!!!

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