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Piestewa Peak Phoenix, AZ
2011-11-074 by
Piestewa Peak Phoenix, AZ  
Hiking1.90 Miles   2 Hrs   30 Mns    0.76 mph
1,165 ft AEG   
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So this one I was all on my own. It was cold and drizzling but I sucked it up and took on the challenge. For a Monday it was quite busy but all of the people I encountered were so friendly and helpful. A little girl look me by the hand at one point and said mommy this is a nice lady I am going to help her. That was so sweet. I got to the last bench and then it started to rain and one gentleman said dont do it the rocks are getting slick and its not worth it to try. So I took his advice and headed down.

i will do this one again and get to the top I was soooooooo freaking close.
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