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Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Dec 08 2011
Hiking3.28 Miles 778 AEG
Hiking3.28 Miles   1 Hour   53 Mns   2.37 mph
778 ft AEG      30 Mns Break
1st trip
Decided to take the day off so I could make a quick run out to Boyce Thompson Arboretum (BTA). I used to go there multiple times a year; the last time I was there was April 2010. The nice thing about this day is I was able to get up at 7, have a nice breakfast of pumpkin cobbler with coffee :DANCE: and fry up the bacon for my broccoli salad I was making for the weekend event with ABC.

I've only stopped at Silly Mountain once before in the spring as it was covered in the blooms of intensely golden brittle brush; took my breath away at the extreme beauty (hope Suzaz doesn't mind that I'm using her photos). Today I wanted to get a few miles and a little elevation before my walk around BTA.

There were a few vehicles at the TH but the traffic on the trails wasn't too bad. I decided I wanted to do the circumference first to see if I could get the lay of the land. Well that didn't quite come to be as I was only on the Brittle Bush Trail for a little bit at the beginning and at the end.
I went up the Old Mine Trail and once at the top, you had two choices, though I didn't realize it at the time. I headed east on the Crest Trail and joined up with a choice of the Jackrabbit Trail or the Coyote Loop. Looking at the map I went with Jackrabbit as it looked like it would come back to where I was standing.

After going east and down around the mountain the Jackrabbit trail does an immediate u-turn and heads back up. For some reason, I tripped 3 times on this part of the trail :-k . Funny how that happens sometimes. Anyway, I get to the starting intersection but really don't want to go down to the bottom yet so I head back the way I came on the Crest Trail. Meanwhile, of course, your views of the Superstitions are just wonderful! :y: I get to another intersection with the Huff and Puff Trail and see people on top of the mountain. I wonder, are these the folks that think "Stay on the Trail" doesn't apply to them? But I decide to investigate so I head back up the way I came from the Old Mine Trail intersection.

There is indeed a sign that says "High Point" trail. I see that there is a sign on top of what is evidently Silly Mtn so I decide to make my way up there. The views are expansive. I met a few Canadians and pointed out some of the landmarks and other hiking areas they could consider. After shooting some pics for a couple pano shots, I decide to descend off the north side of Silly Mtn, head back down the Crest to the Superstition View Trail and back around the west side of the mountain to the Palo Verde Trail. I go up another little hill but decide I want to come down the Brittle bush Trail instead as I want to check out the rocky area presuming that's remnants from the Old Mine.

A nice little hike to continue on with my great day so far. I saw the Canadians at the bottom and offered them passes for Boyce Thompson, as they know where that is, but they declined as the father had offered to do yard work for a neighbor.

I shot a lot of video on this so you can almost virtual hike it with me:
Video 1 -
Video 2 from the High Point and back to the TH -
For me, sometimes it's just as much about the journey as the destination.
Oh, and once in awhile, don't forget to look back at the trail you've traveled.

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