Cathedral Rock via Esperero Trail
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Cathedral Rock via Esperero Trail, AZ
2012-01-0710 by
Tucson, AZ
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6,104 ft AEG   
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The plan was to snow shoe Lemmon on Saturday. Hmmmmmmm......time to start planning for Plan B with the super warm week we had. We decided a hike was in order for a 60 degree day. Laura came down to meet Mark & me for this virgin hike for all of us. There was some special "family" event going on by the time we got there (10 am), so we had to hike in from a different parking lot. This hike packed a punch, and it really couldn't have been a nicer day for all the gain we were about to endure. We were actually quite overdressed for especially the beginning 3/4 of the hike. Once on top of the peaks, we were a bit chilly and had to put our shells on, but for the most part, were hiking shirtless most of the day. There was only a tiny bit of snow at the top during the scramble. We only say a few people on the Esperero Trail the whole day, and no one else on the Catedral Rock trail. It was a fabulous day, with the falls flowing and plenty of water in the creek. Pitiful I didn't bring my filter, as we all could've used it at the end of the day with as warm as it was. We all ran out of water with a few miles to go. Note to self: always keep filter in pack, no matter what the weather!
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