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Rogers Canyon Ruins
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Globe, AZ
Globe, AZ
Hiking Jan 13 2012
Hiking8.20 Miles 1,591 AEG
Hiking8.20 Miles   5 Hrs      2.73 mph
1,591 ft AEG   2 Hrs    Break17 LBS Pack
1st trip
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Rogers Canyon Trail #110
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We met at 730 and moved Pam's stuff over to my Jeep as the Escape was not going to be able to make the drive per the description. The road to the trailhead is almost never ending but totally worth the drive. Amazing views lots of water and animals. On the drive in we saw Mule Deer in several different locations. I ended up getting some pics of some before they disappeared into the brush at the first location we saw them. At 3 other locations on the drive we saw more poking around. At the trailhead we were getting our packs on and a group of three Mule Deer were running towards us one of them was a buck. We did not see what was chasing them but the kept running our way a while till they decided it was time to break west and get away from us also.

The hike in was great since it was all downhill we made good time stopping often for pics and to just take in the sights. At about the 4 crossing of the creek I noticed a skunk smell but did not think anything of it. We scouted some great campsites on the way in I dubbed one 3 mile camp since it is 3 miles from the trailhead.

As we approached the ruins you could make out the main building high on the cliff wall. I was excited to get up to it. When we finally got to the dwelling I was blown away by how pristine it was. The roof was nearly perfect and other then the people who felt the need to decorate the inside for themselves the dwelling looked as though it was occupied that morning.

After some lunch and poking around we packed up and headed back out. We took advantage of the flat spots in the canyon to rip along and make time up for the climb out later. We found the Rogers Canyon Spring box and it was full of dirt and leaves the creek had water in it but the spring itself was dry from what we could tell.

We continued on past three mile camp and got to that crossing where I smelt skunk on the way in and well I figured out why about 10 yards from the creek was a Skunk a dead one with flies on it. Pam thought it was a young one.

We started the long climb back to the trailhead and eventually made it out what a climb that was.

We left the TH and about 4 and made it out to the 60 by 5. We did not see any deer on the way out but got to enjoy the nice views. This was an awesome hike that I would like to go back and do an overnight trip to that three mile campsite in the future.

Rogers Canyon Spring Dry Dry
The creek had water in it but the spring box was full of dirt and leaves so I really can say it was running I am calling the spring dry as we could not verify if the creek was also being fed from the spring at that point
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