West Boulder Saddle, AZ
2012-01-2714 by
Phoenix, AZ
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This is one of those trails that can take you just about anywhere, Robber's Roost, Peralta, the ridgeline, etc! I have avoided all hikes coming up this direction after reading the elevation gain associated with the mileage! I would just look at the various hike descriptions and shake my head and think, oh heck no! I can't do that! After getting some exercise going up Siphon Draw a few times I figured what the heck! I needed a change of scenery and I knew this trail wouldn't be as busy!

The early morning stroll through the desert was nice, the trail heading up the canyon wasn't bad...unless you accidently take a spur trail and end up where you aren't supposed to be! Oops! We were almost to the "false saddle" everyone talks about when my friend took a righty and said, "oh this way doesn't look bad!" I shouldn't have paused long enough for her to make that turn. I was leading the hike....oh well. We ended up under the group of hoodoos on the right before that saddle and took a seat to take a break. The footing was pretty loose there. We hadn't seen anyone yet, but a couple of men were coming up the trail by then. We waited for them to get up to us and of course they went a different direction. One of them said, "Ladies, the trail is over here!" We chatted briefly and decided to head down.

I really enjoyed the hike and intend on going back soon to at least top out! I will no longer fear the dreaded Carney Springs/West Boulder Canyon hike descriptions! Ha ha!
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