Alamo Springs Spur Loop
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Alamo Springs Spur Loop, AZ
2012-02-124 by
Tucson, AZ
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[ETA: I hiked to the spring, hence about 2 miles more for the total trip than if I had stopped short at the spur.]

Very few hikers out at Dove Mt. on this sunny Sunday. My friend and I ran into a couple small groups of trail runners, one lone hiker, and a mountain biker. I hadn't been to Dove Mt. in a few weeks and went based on reports wildflowers were starting to show. Indeed, they pock marked the Alamo Springs trail, particularly the portion nearest the resort (where I always start this loop). But I anticipate the real show will begin later February 2012.

And something I hadn't noticed before - a new trail is being constructed, the Ridgeline Trail, just by Alamo Springs. It's supposed to open early 2012. Just when I thought I was ready to be done with Dove Mt.

In searching for information about the new trail, I came across this organization/site ( which has a ton of really good information about the area and trails.
Wildflowers Observation Light

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