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Big Supe Loop, AZ
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Big Supe Loop, AZ 
Big Supe Loop, AZ
Backpack Feb 18 2012
Backpack26.00 Miles 172 AEG
Backpack26.00 Miles3 Days         
172 ft AEG35 LBS Pack
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We were off trail for a while cause we were down a car but thank God that's resolved and so me and my trampin partner, the always delightful Sara were able to enjoy our first excursion into the Superstition Mtns. I always try to make these trips worth the long drive so we made a big loop. Starting at the Peralta trail head, we took Lost Dutchman to Whiskey springs, to Red Tank,to Lost Dutchman,to Calvery, to Boulder,to Second Water, to Black Mesa, Lost Dutchman yet again and finally the Peralta trail.We camped the first night at La Barge Springs and the second night at Boulder Basin. The first water we came to was in La Barge Canyon but there was lots of it there,Charlebois had water, there were some pools on Calvary and the eastern half of second water trail,then nothing till Boulder Basin.There were some pools just off the Black Mesa/Boulder Canyon connector trail intersection to the left and then there were several pools along the Dutchman trail and very northern end of the Peralta trail. The weather was perfect, a little chilly in the early morning and a little cloud cover Sunday,no complaints. The trails were awesome,some lengths were even devoid of rocks! Some were well travelled, some were a little brush choked,some cairn hunting kept it interesting,the spring flowers didn't blanket the hills but there was a decent display, and we saw our first arizona cardinal early Saturday morning! The only slight disappointment.. I wasn't prepared for was the crowds. We met around 30 people in the first 24 miles and at least twice that in the 2 miles from Fremont Pass back to the trail head. It was a string of ants, I had read that it was a popular day hike,but I had no idea. But only a slight damper on an otherwise awesome time. I think the next one will be the east side, maybe a big Reavis ranch loop. :)
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I can't stay, so I have to keep moving; but my ambition, is to be there.

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