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Agua Fria Via Table Mesa, AZ
2012-03-2411 by
Agua Fria Via Table Mesa, AZ  
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Warning, what you are about to read is true and may be difficult for sensitive readers

Today was fish spawn Saturday, the Game And Fish opened the gates and allowed anglers to fish with their small boats. As I hiked down along the river banks, I could hear hooting and hollering. As I got closer it became apparent what was going on. WARNING: fish were hurt during this next chain of events :scared:

A group of 5 teens were using cross bows and spears to stab and kill the fish, yelling things like "look I got this one in the head" or "this is fun killing fish" :x So, I ignored them for the time being and went along my usual business looking for birds in the early morning light. I came across a cool island with 10-15 Turkey vultures eating dead Carp, I stopped and snapped some shots. As I was crouched down, these clowns with the cross bows started chasing fish in the water, they were literally in the water. by this point I was thinking this is "bull*hit". So, I approached the river bank and started snapping photos of the little poachers (after all the fish are spawning and are easy targets). As they looked up, the ring leader yelled for the others to stand down, they were being watched.

Soon, I high tailed it out of the area and I could hear Junior on his cell device calling red neck daddy. "some guy with a zoom lens is taking pictures of us" boo hoo. As I made a hard right and turned up a small creek and bosque type area, I could here a truck tearing up the road, and thinking, oh this is going to be fun! Soon, I hear it stop and the little poachers were telling red neck daddy what happened, I moved up the hill side and took cover.

By this time, the truck backed up and they started looking for me. As they approached closer, I was thinking, "I feel like Harrison Ford in The Fugative" and this is AWESOME. You wont find me, poacher boys and red neck irresponsible daddy. Just as I sat....listening intently for foot steps......I peered across the tree tops and WAIT HOLD EVERYTHING - RED ALERT, RED ALERT, RED ALERT A friggen Red Cardinal is looking right at me and I'm stuck on a hill, hiding from red neck poachers....WHERE IS THE LUCK. With sweat running down my brow, I went in for the shot, the first shot... NO, NO out of focus, shot two... NO, FOCUS damit FOCUS FOCUS - shot three, c'mon baby.....YES,YES,YES,YES... I GOT HIM, I GOT HIM. My first Cardinal bag. :gun: :y: :GB: :wlift: Cardinals 8 ME 1

Well, that picture ended a long, hard fought battle and it was over. So was the drama too, red neck daddy and his creeper kids left the area and I went about my usual business. Ah, life is good and so is a little adventure :guilty:

I'm by no means a tree hugger, I fish and enjoy the outdoors. But, what these creeps were doing was, at the least, ignorant!
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