Picketpost Circumference
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Picketpost Circumference, AZ
2012-03-2513 by
Globe, AZ
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I did this loop clockwise, to get the off trail bushwhacky section out of the way. The worst section is along Rt. 60. There are so many private property plots that are sectioned off with barbed wire that it's just easier in most spots to walk along the berm of the highway. I noticed that the official route meandered further east before crossing the 60 and over to Perlite Road. So before I got past it, I got back up on the 60 and started down Perlite Road.

Following that road south was where the hike started to get nicer, even for hiking a dirt. At least is wasn't along a highway and I didn't have to very carefully maneuver over barbed wire. Perlite Road descends, crossing a stream and then climbs. Once I got some elevation gain, I noticed to the east what appears to be some Indian ruins below at the base of a small cliff. An old guy was driving north on the road in a rhino and he stopped to chat for a bit. He seemed to have some knowledge of the area and talked about a trail that starts a Box Canyon and ends over by Gonzalez Pass. I asked if those were Indian ruins below and he said they were. There's a road that leads right up to them that junctions Perlite Road, so that might be a future daytrip.

Soon Perlite Road is closed and turns into an honest to God actual trail. Just past the closure is a fenced off cavern that seems to have been formed from years of blast mining. The trail continues down to Arnett Creek and then fades away. From there you follow a stream bed further south until it becomes so choked with vegetation that your best option is to get up along the south (left) hillside and follow a cairned route that also has a few pink ribbons marking it. The canyon becomes very narrow and steep in sections, making it the worst bushwhack portion of the hike, although it was still better than hiking along a highway.

Once the canyon widened out and opened up, I decided to get out of the stream bed and head south to Telegraph Canyon Road sooner than later. It added maybe a few more tenths of a mile of actual distance, but I'm sure I saved time.

From Telegraph Canyon Road there is an obvious intersection with another unmarked dirt road heading west along the south face of Picketpost Mt. That quickly fades to a horse trail, which then then junctions with the AZT and heads north back to the trailhead.

Less than a mile from the TH I saw a younger tattooed couple who weren't familiar with the area and had questions. They wanted to know how the trails went, did one go to the top, etc. I gave them some basic info on the two main trails in that area and where they went. I mentioned last that if they went to the top, make sure to have enough water. I was at that point that the guy showed me his half empty liter bottle of water. Hope they made it alright.

Not too bad of a hike, but it has potential to be better. If Superior decides to develop the northern sections where their trails are, this could turn into a pretty nice hike.
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