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Geal Charn (Monadh Liath), WW
2012-03-3116 by
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Geal Charn (Monadh Liath), WW 
Geal Charn (Monadh Liath), WW
Hiking Mar 31 2012
Hiking8.14 Miles 2,181 AEG
Hiking8.14 Miles   3 Hrs   59 Mns   2.48 mph
2,181 ft AEG      42 Mns Break15 LBS Pack
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1st trip
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I joined a Scottish Hillwalking Meetup on a hike up Geal Charn. In Scotland, they don't bag peaks they bag "Munros". This is one of the Munros on their list. According to everyone I talked to this Munro was not going to be very exciting.

I figured out that there was another meetup in the same area. Luckily, I managed to join a carpool that was going up to the Highlands on Saturday, doing the first meetup, then spending the night in Aviemore, then going to the other meetup. Modern day hitchhiking!

The meetup website had a list of required things one should pack. I found it quite useful to make sure I brought everything I needed. Interestingly, it even said "Please don't forget to bring a map with a note of the route description and a compass." Talk about responsible hiking!

The hike description mentioned that it had a feeling of remoteness but considering it was paved to the trailhead I wouldn't have called it remote. I asked about this and found that they never have to go on dirt roads to their trailheads! Typically, if there is a dirt road it is part of the walk.

When we got out of the car, the weather was reasonable. We did have on a few layers since it was a little bit cold. To start the hike we crossed the Garva bridge then continued on a dirt road and crossed another bridge. From there we crawled through a fence and continued along a creek. I, of course being a desert dweller, had to take pictures of the creek! I think they might have thought I was mad. The trail (might have been a sheep path) was boggy and I thought I might lose my boot a few times. Sooner or later we crossed the creek and then headed up a ridge to our Munro. As we climbed we ended up in the clouds and it started to sleet. We made it up to the big cairn on top and huddled on one side of it to stay out of the wind and ate our snack. The views were great - all we could see was a fine mist since we were in the clouds. I'd have to say that is a novelty after having hiked in Southern Arizona for many years :)

After our break the organizer got out his map and compass to confirm that we hadn't wandered around the cairn too much to lose track of our direction. Then we continued down the same way we came up. At first my fingers (in gloves) were so cold it was painful. But they did finally come out of it.

On the way down the weather cleared and I was able to see the sights. The angle of the sun made it seem like the sun was rising so the light was nice. It was quite pleasant! I even saw a short rainbow.

In all I found the views and the walk enjoyable. Since I'm not a seasoned Munro bagger I didn't find this one all that boring :)

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