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Roger Rock Loop, AZ
2012-04-298 by
Roger's Rock - Crest - Baldy Loop, AZ  
Hiking12.00 Miles   5 Hrs   37 Mns    3.01 mph
4,500 ft AEG   1 Hour   38 Mns Break15 LBS Pack 
We didn't really have a specific plan when we started out this morning. My objective was to check out a route on the ridge between Roger's Rock and the Four Springs trail.

I obviously wasn't very prepared as I forgot my socks. However, I am a born problem solver and I can make the most of anything! I had a Buff for one sock and Joel's bandana for the other and everything worked out fine.

We did a nice warm up on the Super Trail. From there we headed over to Roger's Rock. Along the way we saw a "No Camping" sign near a unnamed spring. Its right where there is a fabulous flat spot that would be perfect for a tent. This sign was not there the last time we were on the Roger's Rock route. Some cows who obviously couldn't read had camped out and there were enormous cow pies. I'd think twice about pitching our tent there!

We had a break at Roger's Rock and I readjusted the bandana as it didn't like to stay in place as well as the Buff did. Then we cut up the ridge to join the 4 Springs Trail. It was pretty steep and in a few places the buckthorn was starting to take over (old burn area). We stopped for another break at what I usually call the Shovel Saddle but it appears that someone has stolen the shovel! From there we followed the Four Springs trail around to the other side of the mountain past Armour Spring and then we got on the Crest trail.

We stayed on the Crest Trail until we got to Pine Saddle. From there we bushwhacked up the ridge to hit the high points including Rice and Ian. The first high point which is unnamed is the one with the best views of the cliffs along the ridge and Mountain Wrightson. We stopped there for lunch. We went over Rice and Ian as well. Ian should be named Pink Peak because of the pink rock.

We decided not to do Wrightson today since we just were up there last week. Instead we went straight down the Old Baldy trail to the car.
Wildflowers Observation Isolated

Armour Spring Dripping
Not a lot of standing water.
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