Dripping Springs from Woodbury
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First off, let me congratulate Denise for doing this one
on her own.  Not the easiest trail to follow and very remote and secluded. 
Job well done!
There is often more than one trail and they are very well
defined.  There is only one problem, they are only clear up to about chest
level.  So unless you are a midget or a cow they won't do you much good. 
There are many cows, by the way, and they are big, but no need to fear, as
they are afraid of their own shadow for the most part.  Anyway, stick with
Denise's good advice and stay in the wash, which is probably the more
interesting route anyway.
This is a very pleasant and quiet canyon and the area of
Dripping Springs is beautiful.  It was
dripping quite profusely despite the drought conditions when I was there.  The cave across from
the spring is interesting.  It is a true cave as opposed to an alcove, which
is unusual for the Superstitions.  It has a very low wide entrance you need to
crawl through then
opens up inside back to about forty
feet or so.
Before heading back, check out the
nice pools just a very short ways up Randolph Canyon to the north.  Some
of them had large minnows which is something I've only seen once before in
lower Superstitions.
I elected to return via Randolph Canyon thus making for a
nice loop hike.  If that interests you, look for a Fraser/Randolph Canyons
Loop description coming shortly.  
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