Cottonwood Spring - Goldfield Mtns
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Cottonwood Spring - Goldfield Mtns, AZ
2007-02-0715 by
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking7.00 Miles   5 Hrs       1.40 mph
2,083 ft AEG   
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Did this as a loop hike. To arrive at Cottonwood Spring we took Hackamore Road off SR 88 to the Bull Dog Canyon OHV area. As you approach it a gate is in place. If you have an off road vehicle and have the necessary permit(free of Charge) from the Tonto National Forest you will have the gate combination and can continue 2.6 miles to Cottonwood Spring. This is where our trip began and ended. Starting at Cottonwood Spring, be observant, we have spotted frogs-toads-turtles-deer-javalina-diamondback rattlesnakes-a variety of lizards, and big cat footprints. We proceeded north in the wash. There really is no trail although it starts out with an atv trail which continues for about a mile fading away. There are no cairns on this entire journey, not one was spotted or placed, its not necessary as long as you have a GPS just stay in the wash. At about a mile north of Cottonwood there are some spectacular cave like formations. The wash makes a turn toward the northeast-then north , then northeast again offering some beautiful canyon beauty. Evidence of propectors activity is everywhere. Some small mines can also be located. A right turn at the first major wash is the route we took now heading in a southeasterly direction. The canyons and rocks are very colorful in this area and we note there are no physical signs of any others being in this canyon other than the rock damage created by prospectors long ago. Mixed up geology is noted with unusual rock types. We found some Obsidian, Crystal, Quartz, and other rock collector pieces worthy of display. We continued on meandering in the wash generally in a southern direction. It was a warm day and we wore shorts. The washes are open from vegitation for the most part and very little cat claw was noted. Finally we came to a wash which generally headed back in a southwest direction toward Cottonwood Spring. When the GPS showed we were adjacent to our vehicle we began a bushwhack out of the wash and across three mountains to our vehicle. A fantastic day, and the area begs our return for future exploration. We did not see another person the entire day.

Total elevation gained 2083 feet almost entirely with the final bushwhack
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