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Woodchute Trail #102, AZ
2007-06-0338 by
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Prescott, AZ
Hiking7.10 Miles   3 Hrs   30 Mns    2.03 mph
741 ft AEG   
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Wally and I and my friend Ted did this hike last week. We did it as an out and back from the Potato Patch campground off of 89A. We hiked out to the meadow at the edge of the top area of Woodchute Mt. before it descends down to the other trailhead. We turned around right where the barbed wire fence it with the two consecutive gates to open. The weather was warm but still much cooler than the 104 degrees forecast for Phx. Lots of pines throughout most of the hike, which also made it nice to escape the desert for a little while.

The only thing of note that happened what the false start we got off to thinking we were at the trailhead when we were almost a mile away. About a half mile in from 89A there is a parking lost, restroom, and huge sign that says "WOODCHUTE TRAILHEAD". This is NOT the traihead. We started hiking up the dirt road to the trailhead and expected that to soon fade away into a trail. After a quarter mile we saw some cars driving out. After about 10 min, we saw a small sign that said "Woodchute Trailhead, 1/2 mile". My GPS said we only did .27 miles, so I went back to get my car and take it to the real trailhead. Ted and Wally forged on ahead and waited for me to arrive and we took it from there. This should be signed better so as to eliminate the confusion.
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