Jacob's Trail #58
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Jacob's Trail #58, AZ
2007-12-1910 by
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking5.50 Miles   5 Hrs       1.10 mph
340 ft AEG   
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Five of us plus one backpacked son left the broadway Trailhead to go up to the Cave/mine and then up Monument Canyon for a way and back. We decided to go to the homestead ruins first to explore beyond the chimney and obvious home site. We started up the left side of the canyon and came to some difficult obstacles so we tried the middle of the canyon where we found a regular field of very large boulders. Passing over them we then tried up the right side for a few hundred yards. From there we could see a couple places that looked like mine tailings but we did not want to bushwhack our way to those sites about a half mile beyond. We returned to the homestead site, rested and backtracked to the Broadway cave trail, climbed to the cave and had lunch, rested and then returned the way we had come. About a year ago I had done this hike to the cave and this time it seemed even more steep. Could it be I am getting older??? Fun day with good friends, lots of laughter and the little boy actually took a nap on his dad's back on the way down to the car. I asked Andy if he would carry me so I could catch a nap but he declined my request!! Our time shows that we hike for enjoyment and not speed. Many stops to enjoy the Saguaro forest and everything so green after the recent rains.
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