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East Boulder - Needle Canyon loop, AZ
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East Boulder - Needle Canyon loop, AZ 
East Boulder - Needle Canyon loop, AZ
Hiking Dec 30 2007
Hiking15.50 Miles 5,600 AEG
Hiking15.50 Miles   9 Hrs      1.72 mph
5,600 ft AEG
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1st trip
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TRIP NUMBER 6 in the Hiker's Guide.
starting at Peralta th we took Bluff Springs to Terrapin to the intersection w/ Dutchman trail. We then had seperate agendas to complete trail sections we had on the "list". I continued to a campsite just SE of the Peralta/Dutchman intersection and then did a day hike up to the top of Black Top Mesa. Steve took Cavalry trail to loop back to camp. Instead of coming down the way I came up (the Bull Pass tr.) I went to a slope on the southern end where the trail on top ends at a small campsite near the Spanish Heiro/Petroglyphs and decended and picked my way over to upper BTM pass. Then a quick 1/2 mile back to camp. Next morning after listening to SAR all night we were awoken by the Sherrif's helicopter but fortunatley for us we were not the ones who were lost :o
Pack up and hiked out E. Boulder to Fremont and down the typically crowded Peralta trail. We arrived at the trailhead after running most of the way down, the SAR team were eating pizza! can you believe it? Im signing up :lol:
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