Canyon Lake Massif - Peak 2276
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Canyon Lake Massif - Peak 2276, AZ
2008-02-0814 by
Phoenix, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Hiking Feb 08 2008
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We had seen this towering massif many, many times going to Canyon Lake, on past to hiking points on the Apache Trail. Joe said there was a convenient way to get up there so we had to try it. First of all it starts on a service road to transmission towers. Do not try this without a good 4WD with good clearance. The 6/10 of a mile from the junction of Mormon Flar Dam road and Highway 88 is extremely rough and rocky. As Joe said one should really hoof it but I wanted to "baptize" my 4WD and this certainly did it! Once you reach the base of one of the towers (the only place you can turn around) you look toward your right and can see a break in the large cliff that looks like a possible route to the top of the massif. There is actually some semblance of a trail that climbs and winds toward the top. For over 500 feet the angle of ascent is about 46% and I had to take it slow to be positive on places with loose scree.

Once you reach the top it levels out quite a bit and the views are astounding. I will post some photos later. The sudden climb right out of the box for a guy like me that worries about heights was a bit of a challenge but I did make it to the top and coming back down was done with much care. Many of you can do this without much trouble at all. Of course most are younger than I. if you do not have a 4WD park near the mailbox and hike to the transmission tower and then up to the top of the massif. It does not take too much time and is really worthwhile. don't skip these views of lots of the Supes area, Weaver's needle and the Flatiron.
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