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Tucson, AZ
Tucson, AZ
Hiking Mar 15 2008
Hiking6.00 Miles
Hiking6.00 Miles
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Last Saturday, a great group of folks including my dad and I hiked up the east side of Babo. About a year ago, some of us hiked up the west side. The trailhead on the east side starts up a little higher than the west side. You pretty much jump right out of the Upper Sonoran Zone into the Transitional Zone, whereas on the west side you are in the Sonoran Zones for a little while. It's a pretty quick hike up to the saddle, and from there you can choose from a selection of "trails" to scramble on the sides of the peak, itself. My dad and I chose to scramble on the east face and the others circled around more to the northwest side. The "trails" eventually fade to random signs that someone else has scrambled or climbed before you. Frankly, my dad and I pushed it a little far as we scrambled past rope anchors from climbers who were smarter than we ropeless types. We got pretty darn high, but getting to the top is impossible w/out climbing gear. One of our fellow hikers ribbed me for putting my dad in "danger." He watched us scramble a little on our way down. He also gave my dad the nickname "Mad Mike," which I thought was kind of cool. Mad Mike the Bavarian. High clearance vehicles are a MUST on the way to the trailhead--FYI. Another amAZing day!
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