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Young Rd Bike Ride, AZ
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Young Rd Bike Ride, AZ 
Young Rd Bike Ride, AZ
Mtn Biking Mar 22 2008
Mtn Biking55.00 Miles
Mtn Biking55.00 Miles2 Days         
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Lead a Crew of Venture Scouts on a bike ride along the Young Rd from US260 junction to the Salt River Bridge at Roosevelt Lake. We started in the snow on the Rim and descended through Young and camped overnight at Reynolds Creek. The only failure was on my bike, a tear in the tire kept allowing rocks to puncture the tube. We went to the Pleasant Valley Tire shop and they affixed a radial tire patch to the tear and gave us some spares for free. No further problems!

Day two was a long acent over the Sierra Ancha, then a neat long and fast downhill to the Salt River. The descent was so fun that when we got to the bottom, we loaded the bikes and hauled them back to the top and did it again. The hills were full of poppies, got a few shots.

Fun trip!
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