Barnhardt - Sandy Saddle Loop
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Barnhardt - Sandy Saddle Loop, AZ
2008-04-055 by
Payson, AZ
Hiking15.00 Miles   4 Hrs   45 Mns    3.16 mph
4,735 ft AEG   
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David and Preston's trip report is spot on... please see hike description and take a map! this was an all day scramble up and down the open hillsides of mazatzal range. all of the trails are easy to follow but a confusing area around Castersen, like Preston said follow the map for advice, there is much deadfall along barnhardt and that's the only issue. start of sandy saddle trail (34' 5.24-111' 27.50) is fairly easy to follow, keep up with the cairns and you shouldnt have a problem. There is a bit of creek bed walking between casterson seep (34' 5.40-111' 28.0) and the ascent to sandy saddle (34' 5.79-111' 28.09). Once you decend sandy saddle to the west, the maz. divide trail (34' 6.42-111' 29.51) is marked with several orange ribbons as of this writing. the divide trail is well kept. I planned on this as an overnight but could not (and i mean it) find 2 suitable trees. place is scorched from head to toes on this loop. my next hike will be divide trail from peeley to the "deer creek falls".
here's some free info: when you are rock hopping down the drainage that comes from west side of sandy saddle, you will come to the intersection with the divide trail. make note of the divide trail and proceed downstream about a 2 minute walk (150 yards?) you will be delighted to find the north fork of deadman canyon, and 2 sick, sick waterfalls. there is info out there on how to rappel these falls, but not me, no sir, no way Jose :lol:
I almost peed myself just looking over the edge of the 250' plunge.
I pretty much kept a sickening 3mph pace the entire way, even over the rocky creekbed and made the loop in a record "under 5 hours" you may find it necessary to spend 7-9 hours on this trail. this is not an easy area to hike in- keep that in mind.
i'm not really a squirrel
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