Barnhardt - Sandy Saddle Loop
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Barnhardt - Sandy Saddle Loop, AZ
2008-07-248 by
Payson, AZ
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woke up Wednesday with the urge to hit a trail. Packed by rucksack and out the door I went to the area around Horse Camp seep. Wanted to get a different perspective on the Deadman Canyon so I went a little farther than the Sandy Saddle (trail?) and came back to it after hanging with some wild winds. Im talking 30mph gusts that shook my whole set-up. The next day I took the wash over the saddle and came back down to meet up w/ the trail on the other side of Castersen wash. Lost the trail but I was feeling energetic so I climbed the backbone of a nearby ridge and took it all the way to Barnhardt trail. This added about a 1.5 mile trip to the total mileage. Lost another gps (it was a cheapie anyhow) down there in the cross country battle w/ manzanita.
Unusual amount of bleeding blisters on this hike- it was hot, about 95. Still water is forming in pools from summer rains. No wildlife save some birds and lizards.

Horse Camp Seep Dripping
not 100yds west of the small drainage formed by Horse Seep, there is a larger drainage with running water that feeds one of the 2 waterfalls into N. Fork of Deadman Canyon- aided by summer rains Im sure. Water also in the drainage west of Sandy Saddle and again at Castersen Seep.
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