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Mount Elbert NE Ridge - Standard Route
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South Central, CO
South Central, CO
Hiking Aug 04 2008
Hiking9.00 Miles 4,700 AEG
Hiking9.00 Miles   4 Hrs   55 Mns   1.83 mph
4,700 ft AEG
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First some stats: Mount Elbert is the 2nd highest point in the lower 48 after Mount Whitney, the highest point in the Rockies, and the highest in Colorado. Its summit it listed at 14,433' or sometimes 14,440'. What is 7 feet between friends? Trailhead elevation is 10,040', so its much easier than Whitney in California.

I did Elbert last July for the first time and it was great. It was my first 14er and I assume I'll always remember my exhilaration of reaching the summit. Sadly, this year it felt more like a chore than a pleasure, but it was still a good hike. I wanted to do it this year so I could say I did in case I end up at sea level some time in the rest of the year. I'm odd like that.

The Elbert trail starts at just over 10k' and follows the Colorado trail for a mile or so. It then breaks off to the right at a fork and climbs up to treeline very steeply. Its steep the rest of the way threw the nearly 3000' of tundra that you hike in for about 3 miles. Great views of Mt Massive to the north (second highest in CO @ 14,421') and lots of people from Kansas can be spotted on this hike( notice their bright yellow plumage). Overall, it reminds me a lot of Humphrey except its 1800' higher. Descent was quick for me as a storm was forming/ approaching. I timed my hike perfectly, as I was dry the whole way, and was then chased by rain on the way back to Leadville. Once in Leadville, hail and rain pounded the town. Perfect timing.

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