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Yellow Circle to Pole Canyon 4X4 R, UT
2008-06-2337 by
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Yellow Circle to Pole Canyon 4X4 R, UT  
4x4 Trip15.00 Miles   5 Hrs       3.00 mph
1,570 ft AEG   
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We began this 4X4 loop road by starting out on Yellow Circle Road where it turns off of US 191 at 38.4362 X 109.4282, about 11.9 miles from downtown Moab at Center Street. This relatively easy 4X4 trail took us through some very scenic country.

We passed a couple of old mines that we stopped and looked at. We could feel fresh cool air flowing from the mines and the timbers were stout and in good shape so we risked a peek inside knowing we really shouldnt! It was very interesting to see the old wooden ore chutes and timber shoring along the main tunnel and adjoining drifts. The good condition of the wooden chutes and timbers were among the best I have seen, the miners could walk back in tomorrow and resume work. My father, grandfather and Great Grandfather were all miners in Colorado working most of their lives digging gold, silver, molybdenum, tungsten and coal out of the earth and I grew up in this mining culture so I have a stronger interest in these old mines than most and have been in many mines and tunnels though out my life although I chose not to work in them.

My recommendation to anyone who reads this or views these photos would be to avoid entry to any mine. It is very easy to not recognize a dangerous situation and be injured or killed as a result. Enjoy the photos and call it good enough or tour a mine that provides professional escorted tours in a known safe environment. There are many throughout the west that can be safely toured in this manner.

We passed a collared lizard sunning himself on a rock along the trail and he seemed pretty unconcerned about our close observation of him, just cocking his head and looking back at us! The last half of this loop follows Pole Canyon Road back to US 191 just south of where we started on the Yellow Circle Road. Along this last section of Pole Canyon Road we got to check out the private rock crawler test area called Area B.F.E., and it is kind of out in the middle of no where! My brother tried a couple of the crawler hills and we had some fun watching.

This was a fun, easy, 15 mile loop with the option of some more intense 4 wheeling along the way if we wanted.
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Kelly D. McLaughlin
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