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Sugarloaf Trail Inner Basin Loop, AZ
2008-09-1611 by
Sugarloaf Trail Inner Basin Loop, AZ  
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This unknown trail, labeled Sugarloaf Trail by me, was used to complete a loop hike to the Inner Basin.

The trail intersects with the Waterline Road Trail and runs for about 1.7 miles to return you to Lockett Meadow Spring. The trail is very rough and is crisscrossed by numerous unidentified trails. Sugarloaf Trail passes through a saddle near Sugarloaf Mountain (35.35837, -111.61325) just before returning you to Lockett.

One of the cross trails had cairn identifying it. We took that trail for a little ways and found that it takes you north and east of Sugarloaf Mountain; and possibly to the peak. Plan to explore it the next time we visit Lockett Meadow Spring.

Hiking this closing segment of our Inner Basin Loop route was pleasant and interesting. Overall, I give the Inner Basin loop hike that we traveled four of five stars.
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