South Kaibab Trail
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South Kaibab Trail, AZ
2008-10-0214 by
Northwest, AZ
Hiking23.70 Miles   11 Hrs   30 Mns    2.06 mph
5,020 ft AEG   
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I've done the Kiabab / Bright Angel loop many times, so this year I wanted to do a twist on it.

I started hiking at 6:30am from the South Kaibab to the river. Then I took the river trail to the Silver bridge and crossed the river. I hit the Phantom ranch by 9:30am. I spent a 1/2 hour getting water, eating and sending out postcards. I crossed the Kaibab bridge at 10:00. The temps were already in the low 90s. I went up the South Kaibab trail. It was super steep to climb up, but I was in the shade for about 50% of the time. Another good this about going up the Kiabab so that you escape the heat very quickly. I made it to the Kiabab / Tonto intersection by 11:30.

My twist on this loop was to take the Tonto trail to Indian Gardens. I was concerned about water because my last tap water source was the Phantom ranch and the next one was Indian Gardens. I was caring about 6 liters of fluids. I meet a ranger on the Kiabab who told me that two miles in was a reliable spring / creek. He was right, the Pipe spring / creek was flowing pretty good. The Tonto was my favorite part of this hike. The trail was not worn down to dust, but it was still very well defined. The views very spectacular. I felt like I was back in the Supps with much prettier scenery. I had to go well around the pipe creek drainage. The temps on the Tonto trail were warm, but not hot. I started out at 4400 feet and dropped down to 3700 at the Pipe Creek. This section of the Tonto was 4.3 miles. I hit the Indians Gardens and had lunch. I finished lunch by 1:45pm. The sky turned to over cast and the temps dropped. I then did the Plateau point trail. I returnd back to the Indian Gardens and now I have to climb about 2500 feet in 4.5 miles. I made it back to the car by 6PM.

I must find another route to do more of the Tonto trail. This as another fine hike in the Grand Canyon. The only bad thing about hiking the canyon is that no other hikes can compare to it.
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