Hidden Valley from Buena Vista
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Hidden Valley from Buena Vista, AZ
2008-11-2015 by
Phoenix, AZ
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There may be sometime in my life when I recognize that taking various medications changes one's physical self in a major way. Last week I went with Dan and his grand daughter up cardiac hill and down to the Lower Barks Canyon. I fought my way down that series of boulders and bush whack material finally gettig to the Dutchman trail and the entire experience knocked me out of everything for an entire day.

So, my neighbor Bob had not ever been to Hidden Valley through Fat Man's Pass so I thought that would be e much easier hike for this week. Wrong again. I have been up that Mormon trail many times. Parts are a bit steep but nothing major. This time I felt like I was climbing the Matterhorn!!! I was told the medications would make me lathargic and fatigued but did I listen??? Of course not. I certainly paid the price! I guess the major rule would be, if you are at all sick, don't do the climbing hikes.

Anyway, Bob enjoyed the Hidden Valley and all the rock formations and we did have a good day. When I returned home I hit the bed for a couple hours and did the jacuzzi and the mineral ice and today feel half way better.

I like to go from the tunnel end and end up through the fat man's pass. Everyone writes this one up but it is a very scenic 4 miles--basically right in the middle of Phoenix!
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