Tanque Verde Peak
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Tanque Verde Peak, AZ
2008-11-2811 by
Tucson, AZ
Hiking18.00 Miles   7 Hrs   26 Mns    2.42 mph
3,952 ft AEG   
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My ascent of Tanque Verde Peak was poorly timed...I spent most of the day climbing through a cloud and draining my shoes. The good news was I didn't get the experience most complain of; that being the fact that most of the hike is completely exposed and west-facing. The trail is recovering nicely from Chiva; most who have never been there will probably not even realize that the area ever burned.

I was amazed to encounter a solitary tent hidden away at one of the sites in Juniper Basin. I wondered who would have been crazy enough to weather out what was going on up there the night before and decided that I had to meet him because he must be my kind of guy. After wringing out my socks again and enjoying the juniper forest, I pressed on to the summit There I met "them" rather than "him", a couple from MN who probably thought that storm was measly compared to what they get at home.

The clouds that had been stalking me all day finally caught up with me at the summit, dumping down snow and cutting my enjoyment of the moment short. In a final act of abuse, the storm broke just as I began down the final section of the ridge...just in time for the sun to be right in my eyes for the rest of the trip. You know what? I'd go do it all again, tomorrow!! :sweat: :bigth:
Autumn Foliage Observation Light
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