Brown's Peak
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Brown's Peak, AZ
2008-12-2616 by
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Phoenix, AZ
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Suz and I headed up to the 4 Peaks today. The road was pretty slick the last few miles and I think 4x4 will be a must after any storm in the next few weeks. I couldn't climb out of the parking lot in 2wd when we got there.

The first mile or the trail only had a few inches snow and a little bit of ice on it. The higher we went the deeper it got, especially on the north facing slopes. Some spots were knee deep. Weighing 200lbs I was postholing with most steps will Suz would only break through the snow half the time.

We made it over to the saddle and then started the small scramble up to the chute. We ended up putting on crampons on the way up as I couldn't kick in and steps in the snow and it was like a layer of ice on top. We climbed up the normal route to the chute and called it a day from there. It was like an ice waterfall on the slope we needed to traverse to drop down into the chute. There is a way to go down and around to enter the chute, but from what we could see in it, it was also just loaded with ice. I've climbed it full of snow, but as sheet of ice is a bit much for me. We would have been cutting it close on daylight if we did try to go for the top anyways. It was still fun to get out and climb in snow and ice only 40 miles from the valley.

Also an update on the road, it seems worse than the previous times I've driven it. I really wouldn't want to take a car on it now, something I've done 3-4 time in the past. A few of the washes/creeks were running across the road too, no more than 6" deep so not an issue right now. On the way back down we came across a truck and I pulled over (I was going to back up to a wider spot), it tried to get passed me and ended up sliding off the shoulder about 2-3 feet (cliff side) and got stuck. I turned around and was able to pull him out though thankfully. Finally got to use that tow strap and hooks.

It's ALWAYS an adventure at the 4 Peaks!

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