Maverick Camp via 192B
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Maverick Camp via 192B, AZ
2008-12-3129 by
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Globe, AZ
Hiking7.70 Miles   4 Hrs   50 Mns    1.59 mph
1,866 ft AEG   
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Three of us spent 12/30/08 to 1/4/09 (5nts/6days) hiking the area & camping under my favorite local Superstition desert spot- Byous Butte during this New Years Week. Due to my always too elaborate campsite setup- "Hank's Hilton", I ended up needing to spend an extra night here alone, Sun-1/4 and most of the next day due to rain. It was a good learning experience with all my camping gear and the area was still just as beautiful with the rain and fog over Byous Butte!

During our 6 days together the weather was fantastic every day with highs in the upper 60's to mid 70's and lows never below 42F. We did four nice hikes (one serious exploratory with a wonderful pay-off on Jan 1st), had a campfire every night, and had some fairly elaborate meals planned to look forward to each evening.

My friends Tom and Gary had never hiked in Millsite Canyon which runs north and south for approx 8mls one way behind Byous Butte and Hewitt Ridge and paralleling FR172 on its way to the Woodbury TH. I had planned this hike as our first one on this last day of 2008-New Years Eve.

Now that I finally have a digital camera and can now post my hike pics on HAZ, I am finding that my posted pic set with some detail captions on the pics can pretty much tell the story of my hikes, so just check-out this pic set for a running description of this very scenic and enjoyable hike..and..don't let my pic comment- regarding this hike being a popular weekend ATV route deter you from enjoying it. It is truly one of the better kept less visited day hikes close to the Woodbury TH area.. the truly great remote-rugged canyon scenery, thick & healthy desert vegetation, old Mavarick Camp history, numerous prennial springs, and flowing creeks and washes this time of year makes this hike a "solid four spot" on our scale of 1 to 5 rated. Also, this old two track road which is officially Millsite TR#237 can be altered on your hike back(as we did) to hike in the wash/creek which parallels this trail and crosses it numerous times. Hiking in the wash/creek adds a different flavor to your overall experience of this area.. try it, you will like it too! :DANCE:

Dripping Spring Dripping

Maverick Spring Quart per minute

Rattlesnake Spring Quart per minute
(Outside.. "there is No Place Like It!!")
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