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Canyon Lake, side canyons, AZ
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Canyon Lake, side canyons, AZ 
Canyon Lake, side canyons, AZ
Hiking Feb 21 2009
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I took my kayak out to do some side canyon exploring at Canyon Lake. My original plan was to hike Blue Tank Canyon up to Hell Hip Pocket, however this hike ended in about 200 yards. The beginning of Blue Tank Canyon from Canyon Lake is a narrow and steep slot. Continuing beyond from where I stopped would require wading in some fairly deep water. The stream in that canyon was like ice, so wading was not going to happen. My hands and toes were already cold enough. A six-mile paddle from the marina and my hike already done in fifteen minutes!! Oh, I forgot to mention that I was fighting a harsh headwind and current the last mile. SRP is releasing about 2,500 CFS at this time and it was becoming more and more noticeable in the upper part of the lake.

My backup plan was El Recortado Canyon. Well, things went from bad to worse. This has to be the nastiest, most cat-claw infested place I have ever been. I was bleeding everywhere by to time I got back. The only interesting part of this canyon was an extremely rugged, 150-foot waterfall about 1.25 miles up from the lake. To bad it was dry.

Basically, this trip really sucked. You can't win all the time.

ISAIAH 6:2-3 / MATTHEW 11:28-30

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