Tonto Narrows, AZ
2009-07-127 by
Payson, AZ
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the town of Gisela should be called 'city of fences'. i spent the better part of the day hiking through town, over random mountains, through swamp areas, along forest service roads looking for any sort of path to the narrows. i either found large animals or fencing... they literally fenced the entire town in. the only thing that prevented me from going further was the lack of water. they don't even have a store in town to buy any! now there is access along the north but it's really not worth walking all the way over some of those hills to try and access Houston Creek. the service roads go pretty far but you need a high clearance vehicle when you hit the wash... in the wet you would definitely need 4x4. next time i go, i'm going to just suck it up and hike in from rye creek road to the south... makes it a bit longer but a heck of a lot more fence friendly.

it's just too bad people indiscriminately trashed the ranch and the area up there for so many years... really did ruin it for the rest of us.

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