Blevins Trail
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Blevins Trail, AZ
2009-10-117 by
Phoenix, AZ
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We set out this weekend to do a small hike with our friends Sylvia and Dave. Sylvia is just recovering from foot surgery so we decided a 3 mile flat hike would do the job so set out on the Blevins Trail. Setting off in a counter clockwise direction after a quarter of a mile saw a big "Phoenix" sign blended into the side of a mountain - well although a similar "Hollywood" sign might have been better but it was reassuring to know we in the right place.

We encountered a lot of joggers and people riding mountain bikes on this trail who also seemed to be going on to the connecting trails. After a short while we reached the corner of Moonrock and Blevins where it would have been easy to go straight on as there was not much of a signpost there, anyway turned left (heading north here). About half way round we past the No So Trail, at this stage it was a basic hike with little exertion. Turned north at Meridian Trail and headed back to where our truck was parked.

If you like looking at cholla then this is the trip for you!

Sylvia's first walk in a long time - mission accomplished!
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