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Big Horns FR172, AZ
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Big Horns FR172, AZ  
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The date was January 13, 2007. Sun_Hiker and I did Reavis Ranch and we were driving home around 3:30 PM on FR172. Two vehicles were parked on the side of the road and a few individuals were there with binoculars looking into the cliffs on our right side. Curiosity caused us to pull over and see what they were seeing. Here are the pictures. Taken with a Canon G7 and all at max optical zoom which was 6X for that camera. The close ups are crops of the larger images. The big horns were just barely visible with the naked eye. I got my best views from these images.

So the amazing fact is that there are big horns near FR172. I was telling Grasshopper about them and promised some pictures. The location was about a mile before the turnoff to Byous Butte. Don't ask why I have not posted these pictures before. I'm old and I don't remember.
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