Big Horn Peak
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Big Horn Peak, AZ
2009-12-2820 by
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Southwest, AZ
Hiking7.09 Miles   4 Hrs   26 Mns    1.60 mph
2,100 ft AEG   
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Well since I had a rare Monday off of work I got the itch to go hit up a new peak. Big Horn was on my mind so I headed on out just after 6am. The drive out was good with little traffic and I made it to where I would start the day by the canal in just over an hour. I got my gear ready and was off just before 8am. The peak was staring me in the face at the beginning and I knew this would be an exciting day. Passing the canal and then the boundry fence I hiked across the desert floor to the base of the mountain. There were 3 washes on the SW end leading up to the southern scree which all looked good. I chose to take the far right one which led me up quickly. It will make a good turn to the left where a nice 40 foot climb awaited. Nothing too bad but right on the 4th class level. There are plenty of good solid holds which made for a nice climb up. Not too much further in the wash and I was at 2600ft now traversing the scree up the southern face of the mountain. Not too much further up I spotted a cairn and then another one, but they were scattered and you would really have to look for them. It didn't matter because I knew which way I wanted to go. I got up to the ridge on the southern side and took it over the rocks (because it was fun) to the East side of the mountain where a nice chute to climb awaited to make it to the summit. I got up the chute and on to the summit right before 9:30am just 1hr and 40 min total from when I left. It was very windy and cloudy so the sun was blocked but you could see everything. The views are incredible of the surrounding rugged terrain and makes me want to hit up more peaks in the area soon. I enjoyed a nice brew on top and relaxed for almost an hour before heading down. I avoided the downclimb of the chute and went right down the south side to the ridge and back down to the scree above the middle wash to try and see if it would not have such a bad downclimb as the one I came up certainly would. It proved to be better as there was only one spot where I had to back track as it cliffed out on me. Into a little brush and then into the open space towards the bottom. I found a little critters jaw bone here and made me way back to the base of the mountain. Hiked back along the desert floor to the canal and back to my Jeep. Nice to be done so early with something so rugged. Only a handful of people summit this peak a year it looks like from the log on top. Great day and area.
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