First Water TH to Canyon Lake
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First Water TH to Canyon Lake, AZ
2009-11-2939 by
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Phoenix, AZ
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I was fortunate enough to be a guest of the East Valley Canine Hiking Club. We met up at First Water Trail head at 7am.

The plants were all dying from the lack of rain in 2009. We got to an area, that according to most usually has alot of water. The plants are all different, there are reeds and everything. But the water was mostly gone. Just a small green sludgy pond...which of course Jackson and the other dogs found and tromped along in.

Soon after that we took a little detour to see the closed mine area. The dirt in that area was so red and all the dogs were COVERED in it. We all took a break here and ate some snacks. Then half the group separated and took another route.

Jackson and the other dogs were all off leash just walking a few feet ahead of us.

We caught our first glimpse of water about half way through and proceeded up the steep climb. Man were my legs burning for sure (not to mention my lungs since I was still getting over a pretty severe case of bronchial pneumonia) We crossed over that hurdle, and it was all downhill from there.

Of course this was a time I was taking a picture of the lake and not watching my footing...I took quite a tumble and bruised my knee, cut of my thigh, dented my camera, and hurt my ego. Oh well, it was still a fun hike...though I'm not sure if I liked it enough to do it again...
"Never argue with an idiot, they'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience"
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