Peters Trail #105
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Peters Trail #105, AZ
2010-01-098 by
Phoenix, AZ
Backpack18.00 Miles1 Day   6 Hrs       
2,300 ft AEG   
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Hiked Peters trail to about 1 mile before the end for wknd backpack. Had
to hike the 3mi road in. Most bizarre thing was two search and rescue guys
serving sandwiches and drinks at the trailhead near the windmill ! Handed
me their card and told me where cell signal was in case I needed them.
Bad karma as I twisted my ankle with a loud crack on the next day out ! Luckily
not serious, they werent there on Sunday. It was very crowded the first few miles
but after that saw no one. The writeup is very good so had no problems especially
with the warning of the sketchy trail on the mesa. Oddly there were helicopter skid
landing marks exactly where the trail gets hard to find. Camped just before the
trail starts to drop steeply, extremely windy that night but great views. Ill be
back, nice long maze of trails out there for winter exploration.

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