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Title: Five-Star Trails: Flagstaff and Sedona: Your Guide to the Area
Author: Year: 2011
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
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Five-Star Trails: Flagstaff & Sedona is a handy, concise, and inspiring guidebook that presents the very best hiking experiences in and around Sedona and Flagstaff. Each hike features an individual trail map, elevation profile, and at-a-glance information, helping readers quickly find the perfect trip. Sized to fit in a pocket, the book's detailed trail descriptions will help readers find their way on and off the trail.

The title, Five-Star, does not denote a rating system, but signifies that the choice of trails and creation of hiking routes is truly outstanding and far superior to those regurgitated in ordinary guidebooks. Superior not only in quality of experience but variety of quality experiences: low desert to high peaks, staggering open vistas to claustrophobic canyons, easy to all day, lonely prairies to popular swimming holes, walking distance from the visitor center to an hour's drive from anywhere. Author Tony Padegimas introduces readers to discoveries, surprises, and imaginative ways to explore the geographic area that is, virtually, their backyard.

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