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Title: Felix! The Sugar Glider: Be Safe. Hike Smart.
Author: Susie B Mullarkey Year: 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
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Hike the Forest with Felix! the Sugar Glider and his animal friends Tiger and Koala in this new interactive adventure book! Learn how to be safe, hike smart, not get lost while navigating trails in the outdoors, and find your way using a compass, map, trail markers, landmarks, and the sun and stars!

Felix! and his friends show how to prepare for a hike, when and how to use safety gear, what to wear hiking, items to take in a backpack, and offer suggestions for the all-important "Snack Checklist." Felix! and his friends then take the reader along on their hiking adventure into the forest. They teach how to know if you're hiking too fast, when to take breaks, how to use trail etiquette, how to orient yourself on a trail, how to be safe around wildlife, what to do if you get lost or scared and how to get rescued. The story acquaints young readers with map reading and encourages them to develop essential compass skills before taking their next hiking adventure. A fun and interactive "Hike Smart Activities" section reinforces the story's safe hiking tips. It includes an easy guide to using a compass with and without a map, using the sun and the stars to find your way and lists important items to keep in a survival kit.

This book's design reflects life in the real outdoors. Writing is intentionally subdued on the page so it does not detract from the detailed full-color photos of nature. Animals and landmarks purposely blend into their surroundings just like they do in the real world! Natural, spoken language captures the reader's imagination and makes this book fun and easy to read. Young and adult adventurers alike are sure to make this hiking adventure an essential handbook for use at home and on the trail!

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