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Title: Climbing the Ladder Less Traveled
Author: Joe Bill Year: 2002
Publisher: Mountain Forest Pub
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Perched high on mountains, sometimes even above the clouds, are lookouts, the people who staff the fire towers located throughout our national forests. Most have one thing in common. They have taken the road less traveled.
Captured by the author are the life experiences and insights of 18 remarkable lookouts. Their stories are fascinating and often humorous. The many photographs show views of the landscape that are breathtaking, but the lookouts share views on life that etch equally deep impressions.

Throughout the book, readers are entertained and inspired --- entertained by vicariously experiencing unique adventures, and inspired by refreshingly clear-sighted perspectives that light new paths for the journey through life.

These intrepid guardians of our national forests have reached the top - but by climbing a much different ladder. Now it's a ladder they enjoy climbing every day.

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