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Title: Boots and Burgers: An Arizona Handbook for Hungry Hikers
Author: Roger Naylor Year: 2014
Publisher: Rio Nuevo Publishers
Rated 5 by 2
Finally, a fun and exciting hiking book! Everyone in Arizona lives within 15 minutes of a trail (and everyone eats) so Roger Naylor leads the way to beautiful hikes and incredible bites. Walk off some calories and put them back on! A humor and travel writer, Roger highlights his favorite trails all over Arizona, featuring Monument Valley, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, the Phoenix area, Tucson and the southern deserts, the forests of the White Mountains, and Arizona s West Coast. Each trail is followed up by a nearby mom and pop eatery. Pass the mustard! This book is a love letter to Arizona and a departure from the typical dry hiking book. Experience in full color the beauty and wonder of Arizona in over 170 stunning photographs. Featuring: 37 trails, 38 eateries, trail guides, maps, fascinating fun facts, attractions

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