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Title: Goldfield Mountain Hikes
Author: Ted Tenny Year: 2006
Publisher: Gem Guides Book Co
Rated 4 by 2
The Goldfield Mountains are only 40 miles from Phoenix yet largely undiscovered. Hikers who visit the Goldfields experience a land of intricate and spectacular volcanic formations, ridges, canyons, arches, and a charming and vicacious upper Sonoran ecosystem. In this book, the author, a lifelong outdoors enthusiast and master hiker guides you throughout this picturesque wilderness area on 33 meticulously charted routes. Each hike has a unique point of interest or scenic reward. Each is introduced with a listing including difficulty rating, distance, estimated time, elevation change and descriptive synopsis. Includes 24 pages of gorgeous color photos; B&W photos throughout; 12 topographical maps with trails and annotated text references; GPS coordinates for trailheads and junctions; invaluable information and safety tips.

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