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Title: Day Trips with a Splash: Swimming Holes of the Southwest
Author: Pancho Doll Year: 2000
Publisher: Running Water Publications
Rated 3.8 by 4

A hiker's guide to swimming holes in Arizona and southern Utah. Secluded waterfalls, remote two-person tubs, hidden pools. It's a backcountry tip sheet for where to jump in when the surrounding rocks are sizzling and by definition the summer's coolest guide. Clothing optional spots are indicated. Similarly, icons tell dog owners if four-legged hikers are appropriate and families with small children can tell at a glance if the journey is a good one for the little dippers. Privacy is listed for each entry along with other icons indicating the best season to visit, the difficulty of approach, and the overall rating, whether fair, good, excellent or classic. Each review is accompanied by a photo and topographic map. If you buy the book you can register to download individual maps for print out at home. That way, you can fold up the map and tuck it in your shirt pocket instead of carrying a 216-page book when you're only using two pages of it. Much more elegant. In addition to telling hikers the best places to go, Day Trips with a Splash also lists places not worth visiting. After all, there are only 55 hours until Monday. Might as well make the weekend count.

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