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Title: Sedona Hikes
Author: Richard & Sherry Mangum Year: 2000
Publisher: Hexagon Press
Rated 4 by 4
This book is the bible for Sedona hikers, the one that knowledgeable people recommend. It contains detailed descriptions and maps that guide the reader to 135 day hikes around the Sedona area. The layout makes the hikes very easy to follow, and the directions are precise, foolproof, and reliable. You won't get lost if you use this book. There are also directions for finding five of the famous Sedona Vortex sites. The book contains eight pages of beautiful color photographs taken by Sherry Mangum, illustrating the attractions that make Sedona such a desirable hiking Mecca. The authors have spent many years researching and field-testing the hikes, and since the book was introduced in 1992, they have kept it up to date by constant revision. They also maintain a website posting up-to-the-minute information.

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