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Return safely
Black Cross Butte 3351
Rim Stroll
HC Rim Trail
A river runs near it
North Butte - Gila River

June 2014 Two days ago I stumbled upon Sid's crosscut triplog. He mentioned a c4 route on the east. jj had already done the popular west side and thought there may indeed be a c4 route on the flip side. Dave wasn't convinced as he'd gandered the east in the pa...
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• 6th Grade Goddard Youth Camp Alumni - Arbuckle Mountains, OK
• 8th Grade - Canoed the Illinois River - Muskogee OK
• 2012 - Completed hiking The 800 mile Arizona National Scenic Trail

In the 8th grade I got a shirt stating I'd canoed the Illinois. Perhaps a few miles, loved the experience nonetheless. My 2010-2012 segment hiking of the AZT was made possible by the great members of HAZ. Never got a shirt yet it means the world to me how it brought the community together. Dad didn't grasp why I created HAZ to help fellow hikers. He never accepted anything shy of 100% effort. Having invested everything in HAZ it's great to see how it has affected so many in a positive way. Whenever HAZ surfaced in conversation dad would ask "joe, why hike arizona?", to which I'd respond with an ear to ear grin "because it ROCKS dad"!

3 books that have made a difference in my life
• Where The Red Fern Grows
• The Great Brain at the academy
• Grand Obsession: Harvey Butchart and the Exploration of Grand Canyon
...the only books I've read

Despite setbacks from a freak scrambling fall on Pomeroy Tanks June 10th 2017 I will ascend and stand on Isis Temple again someday.
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